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Our expertise is grounded in our roots as a boutique firm and our focus on providing real estate and business entrepreneurs and individual clients with actionable legal advice.

We work with you to help you create, grow and protect your assets. Our lawyers have been engaged in all segments of the real estate business, and we combine this experience with our legal sophistication to provide you with relevant, informed advice. At GMMW, we have worked to curate a group of attorneys with diverse legal practices who understand the business mindset and are adept at providing business leaders with the information that they need to make the right choices. Our lawyers are able to bring together a deep skill set and breadth of experience that is vital to our clients' legal and business concerns. We provide premier legal services with agility, efficiency, and personalized service.

Real Estate

GMMW was founded as a real estate boutique firm thus when we say “we know real estate”, we mean it!



In spite of good intentions and cautious business practices, litigation is sometimes inevitable. At GMMW it is our job to provide you with creative and cost-effective ways to resolve disputes in order to avoid the burden and expense of litigation.


Zoning & Land Use

GMMW has the experience assisting clients with land entitlement, zoning, and historic preservation matters, permitting and related occupancy matters.



Because every business and every client is unique, at the outset, we start every relationship by getting to know you. We take the time to work with you to identify both your short and long term goals to ensure the structure fits you.


Estate Planning

At GMMW we know how hard you have worked to accumulate wealth over the course of your lifetime and, as we set out to help you achieve this wealth, we also want to help you preserve it and, when the time comes, ensure a smooth transition of your life’s work to the next generation.



GMMW guides clients through the requisite tasks of settling the estate of a loved one. We can assist in administrative duties or handle the entire probate process, depending on needs and circumstances.


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