Real Estate

Whether you are a developer, an owner, a broker or a manager, we are here to assist you with all of your real estate needs in the categories listed below and in any other category that involves real estate. Our holistic knowledge of the industry allows us to provide you with comprehensive legal advice, which in turn provides you with the information that you need to determine the viability of a deal, project, or investment.

Wherever required, we will be there to advise and create the necessary transactional structure and documentation to ensure maximum benefit and protection for you. We provide innovative and thoughtful legal advice throughout the life cycle of your business or transaction to ensure that your interests are protected, your deal gets done and that you are able to capitalize on opportunities wherever and whenever they arise.

» Purchase and Sales Agreements
» Loan Documents
» TOPA Transactions and Advice
» Residential and Commercial Property Management
» Condominium Creation / Conversion, Development & Management
» Commercial & Residential Property Leasing and Advise


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