Zoning & Land Use

GMMW has the experience in taking a real estate development project from permit to occupancy.

Our lawyers are leaders in their profession. Clients turn to GMMW when their real estate interests are at stake, looking to our team’s capabilities, legal and business sophistication, broad scope and knowledge of regulatory and industry services, and ability to help find solutions to complex development challenges. We provide clients with realistic risk and option paradigms; providing clients with the tools to evaluate and respond to each opportunity and/or road block.

At GMMW, we not only know the laws and the regulations, we make it our business to know the market, the neighborhood and all local factors that influence the decision makers. Decisions are not made in a vacuum. As your advocate and advisor, we make sure that the entire rubric of considerations are explored and exploited to your advantage.

» BZA Special Exception and Variance Cases
» PUD & Map Amendments
» Zoning Analysis and Determination Letters
» IZ Analysis
» HPRB, CFA/OGB and Mayor’s Agent representation
» Certifying, Vesting and Selling Transferable Development Rights (CREDITS)
» Single Lot Covenants


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